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"Make a Wish Cottage" Paper Print

"Make a Wish Cottage" Paper Print
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Thomas Kinkade's Make a Wish Cottage was released in December 2003 and is devoted to his four daughters. Thomas Kinkade dedicated Make a Wish Cottage as the painting which encourages all children to dream.

Make a Wish Cottage features beautiful landscape, an abundance of colors, and gorgeous skyline. You will be enthralled at the wet stone path and swear you're looking at the real thing when admiring this piece.

"How sweet it is to imagine the wishes that children, and especially little girls, have whispered into the mossy depths of this old wishing well. For all the children who dare to dream, I've created Make a Wish Cottage, a sanctuary where dreams can come true.

I believe in the power of dreams. After all, I met the girl of my dreams as a young boy barely into his teens, and my Nanette has taught me to believe in happy endings. Like Make a Wish Cottage, the home we have created together is lit by the light of love.

The gardens here are lavish with flowers; bowers of red climbing roses encircle the thatched roof like a crown. The stream that flows beside the cottage and feeds the well symbolizes God's abundant blessings.

I'm especially fond of the network of mossy cracks in the flagstone walkway; they recall the pattern of the walk leading to my own studio. God's glorious sunset reflects subtly in the damp surface of the stony path."

-Thomas Kinkade


The paper print is the most affordable way to obtain a Thomas Kinkade Limited Edition painting.  The Kinkade Company uses a lithograph transfer on acid free paper to make a stunning reproduction of the original.  The print comes unframed with about 1 to 2 inches of white border.  This allows the buyer to have it matted and framed to best suit the decor of the home.  Each print is numbered and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

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