Limied Edition Canvas
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          Thomas Kinkade

Thomas Kinkade Appraisal

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Thomas Kinkade AppraisalThomas Kinkade Appraisal
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Starting at: $35.00
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Please put your answers to the following questions in the "COMMENTS" Box during checkout:

What is the exact title of your painting?

What is the size of your painting?

What is the Certificate number of your painting?

What is the edition of your painting (S/N, A/P, G/P, P/P, E/P, Renaissance Edition, Studio Proof, M/E)

Any extras done to your painting (i.e. extra highlighting-a certificate should be included, any original Thomas Kinkade signature on the back, any sketch on the back-if so, by who and what is it, any Patrick Kinkade sketches on the back)?

Written Evaluations for estimated values of Thomas Kinkade Limited Edition Canvases give the collector the current value of their painting for peace of mind or to help the collector sell their painting by indicating to a potential buyer the retail value of the painting. The Collector can then choose to sell it at a lower price than the appraisal value to prove that they are presenting an attractive offer.

In order for us to provide you the most accurate value of your painting, we need to know some details about your painting. Much of this information can be found on your Certificate of Authenticity. Please note, the written value of your painting is given with the assumption that you currently have the Certificate of Authenticity. If you do not have the Certificate of Authenticity, you will need to contact the Thomas Kinkade gallery where you purchased the painting from and they may be able to replace it for you at a fee. To protect consumers from purchasing a fraudulent or stolen limited edition canvas, the Thomas Kinkade Company will NOT replace a Certificate of Authenticity except to the gallery who originally received the painting.

All appraisals apply to UNFRAMED  limited edition canvases only. The frame will no longer be included in the estimate. Since Limited Edition paper, open edition classics, brushworks, canvas wraps, Library Editions, calendars and gift items do not typically go up in price, these do not apply. Estimated values for original Thomas Kinkade paintings are provided at $100 each and also do not apply to this purchase. If you are in need of an appraisal for an actual original Thomas Kinkade, please email 


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