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“Cinderella Wishes Upon a Dream” by Thomas Kinkade (Limited Edition Canvas)

cinderella wishes upon a dream by thomas kinkade
Thomas Kinkade’s Disney Dream Series was an instant hit. However, the paintings that featured the official Disney Princess characters were always the most anticipated. When Thomas Kinkade’s "Cinderella Wishes Upon A Dream" painting was released, it took only 48 hours for all the editions to sell out.
Thomas Kinkade continued his tradition of featuring all the Disney characters in one image, so that the entire story could be told, by looking at this painting, rather than just one scene like so many other Disney artists are famous for doing. If you look closely, you’ll find multiple hidden Mickey Mouse ears, along with tributes to other characters from the first three Disney Dream releases. (Snow White in the window holding a bird, Peter Pan on one of the rooftops, and Pinocchio walking down the stone path).
The detail of each character’s face and color rendering is amazing in this painting, and the evil stepmother and stepsisters, who occupy the right portion of the painting, represent the drudgery of Cinderella’s life. You also see tributes to Cinderella’s friends; the birds and mice.
Look closely at the castle and you’ll see the pumpkin carriage, and the Fairy Godmother, dropping her magic on Cinderella’s luminescent dress. Cinderella’s glass slipper is easily found on the stone steps, and even the Archduke and King’s faces are found on the flower pots in the right of the painting.
The size of the original of Thomas Kinkade’s "Cinderella Wishes Upon A Dream," is 24" x 36", and is now valued at over $1.7 million. It was released as a limited edition canvas, in sizes of 12" x 18", 18" x 27", 24" x 36", and 28" x 42". Since selling out, Thomas Kinkade’s Cinderella has increased three times its original release price, however the Thomas Kinkade Signature Galleries in Colorado, are proud to still have this painting in stock at the lowest prices.

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