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Thomas Kinkade’s “Bambi’s First Year” Available Now

bambi's first year by thomas kinkade
Thomas Kinkade’s "Bambi’s First Year" painting was his first Disney painting that featured an animal, as the main character. "Bambi’s First Year" brought challenges for Thom, since half the movie features Bambi as a fawn, and the other half as an adult. Thomas Kinkade chose to have his Bambi painting feature Bambi as an adult (The Prince of the Forest), while Bambi’s father, has stepped off to the side, and is in the background.
You’ll see Bambi looking across the edge of the cliff, reflecting on his life as a fawn, where we see Bambi as a young fawn with his friends, Thumper, Flower, and Faline. You’ll also notice in the background, that Thomas Kinkade has captured the famous scene in the movie where Bambi is doing the splits on the ice, with Thumper watching.
Since Bambi’s mother played such a significant role in the movie, but a sad one to say the least, Thomas Kinkade featured her face in the base of the mountain, in the background, which resembles the Matterhorn, as a tribute to the famous rollercoaster rides, at the different Disney theme parks. You’ll also notice that all four seasons are captured in this painting, just as they were captured in the movie.
As he did with the first four Disney Dreams releases, Thomas Kinkade paid tribute to past Disney Dream paintings by featuring the, birds from "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs", Cleo the Gold Fish swimming in the river from the movie "Pinocchio", Tinker Bell in the trees from the movie "Peter Pan", and Jack the mouse from the movie "Cinderella."
Thomas Kinkade’s original size painting of "Bambi’s First Year," is 24" x 36", and is valued at $700,000. Despite Thomas Kinkade’s "Bambi’s First Year" being a huge success, to this day it is the "sleeper" of the Disney Dreams series. Although some of the editions are sold out, it is still available in sizes 12" x 18", 18" x 27", 24" x 36", and 28"x42".
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