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Thomas Kinkade’s Tangled is the 2nd release from the Disney Collection.  This was originally known as the Disney Discoveries Collection. In this collection, the first release was "Princess and the Frog." Thomas Kinkade’s Tangled is actually not part of the "Disney Dreams" 12 part series Collection.

Thomas Kinkade began Tangled back in late 2010, but it was not released until now.  Although Thomas Kinkade sketched, organized and did all the planning for Tangled, the painting itself was finished by his apprentices at the Thomas Kinkade Studios which is why this is a Thomas Kinkade Studios Release.

Tangled by Thomas Kinkade Studios depicts an original Thomas Kinkade classic Disney format in  which the entire story is displayed in one image.

Since this painting depicts a night scene, the illumination of the painting is beautified even more than usual when dimming the lights.

Here you’ll find the Limited Edition Canvas with a special of up to $200 off until July 18, 2013.  

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