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Getting Tangled Up in Kinkade

Thomas Kinkade Galleries is proud to offer the newest Disney Collection II piece, Thomas Kinkade Studios’ Tangled, to its most enthusiastic customers. This Limited Edition Tangled painting reimagines the beautiful lantern-release sequence from the Disney movie of the same name, and sets it in a timeless and stunning Kinkade scene. Do you think you fell in love with Rapunzel and Flynn Rider on the lake? Do so again, as you see their own sweet romance unfold in a striking Kinkade setting, surrounded by his signature flowers, trees, waterscapes and bridges.
Tangled is the second Disney Collection II release, formerly known as the Disney Discoveries Collection, following The Princess and the Frog. Kinkade began sketching the scene for Tangled in October 2010, but the plan to release it was put on hold until now: a perfect artistic piece for a perfect season.
Look closely, and you’ll see that more than 100 lanterns are featured in the painting, recreating the awe and amazement of the large celebration. Continue your tour of the Tangled landscape and you’ll see Rapunzel’s chameleon friend, Pascal; the palace guard horse, Maximus; the Stabblington Brothers, as they hunt for Flynn; and the villainous Mother Gothel.
Thomas Kinkade himself was the catalyst behind this piece — sketching, organizing and planning it — but the painting itself was finished by his team of talented apprentices at the Thomas Kinkade Studios, making it a Thomas Kinkade Studios release. It is a master work of light and romance, realizing and bringing to life the film’s message of following your dreams: “Even the smallest light can fill a darkened room,” and “Love can indeed conquer all.”
Set at night, this scene is breathtaking in its beauty. The illumination of the piece is even more striking when dimming the lights.

Tangled was made available to Kinkade enthusiasts in July 2013. It is not part of the Disney Dreams 12-part series collection, and stands only with The Princess and the Frog as part of Disney Collection II. This beautiful painting starts at $750, and would be an awe-inspiring addition to any home. Click here for more information on Thomas Kinkade’s Tangled. 

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