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Simpler Times II Released by Thomas Kinkade Company

simpler times 2

Thomas Kinkade Online is pleased to announce the release of “Simpler Times II,” the latest masterwork pulled from the Thomas Kinkade vault. This original was fully completed by Thomas Kinkade, and is prepared for you as a limited edition giclée reproduction.

Kinkade’s signature vision is on display here, in a painting featuring a beautiful country home, complete with a water wheel, and an amazing sunset that highlights the simplicity and dynamics of the scene. Kinkade believed in the true joy found in the foundations of life, and that is shown here, with an idyllic setting. Horses graze on a field to the side, as ducks glide through the water in front of this home, creating a perfect location for animals and people alike.
A large, leafy tree casts several mesmerizing shadows over the dusty road, which seems to have been rained on recently, as a small trickle of water runs down it. Bright flowers and grass line the road, which also leads the viewer through the scene to a second home with a perfect white silo alongside it. Notice the detail in the broken-down fencing and in the house’s window panes. You can see the time and effort spent on every touch of the artist’s brush here.
Smoke rises from the home’s chimney, inviting you to enter it and have a seat by the fire. Read a book, or just look out the window, as the sun sets behind the clouds, creating an awe-inspiring colorful tableau in the skies above. The depth and personality in this painting is astonishing.
Can’t you feel the hush of the evening, as it begins to settle over this small country home; its quiet stillness broken only by the gentle babble of the brook? You can almost hear the rustle of the wind in the trees, and the soothing creak-and-turn of the water wheel when they are paired with Kinkade’s visionary talent. Every blade of grass and flower petal; every cloud and fence piece; every ripple in the water and every flicker of light is a testament to this scene’s grace.
As the water wheel turns, and the smell of the flowers teases you, aren’t you reminded of life’s larger circles, and your place in them? A singular view of this painting is calming, but time spent studying it, and absorbing its beauty, can bring a level of tranquility that is hard to match.
Everyone should have a front yard and path that looks like this. And with Thomas Kinkade’s “Simpler Times II” it can be yours.
“Simpler Times II” is an amazing addition to any Kinkade lover’s collection. This is an original work that was 100% completed by Thomas Kinkade, and bringing it into your home is entering into a life filled with peace, joy and simpler times. The painting is available in paper and canvas for you.
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